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Gil Tepper MD, FACS


Throughout his career as an orthopedic spine surgeon, Dr. Gil Tepper has been committed to giving back. Although the United States is a prosperous nation, many people must deal with setbacks related to poverty and poor health. In addition to regularly supporting charities and volunteering in his free time, Dr. Tepper has helped patients who cannot afford care through the Los Angeles Free Spine Care program. Regardless of how he gives back Dr. Tepper believes that it is his duty to help others who are less fortunate.

The Los Angeles Free Spine Care (LAFS) program, which opened in 2005, is a component of the Miracle Mile Medical Center, one of the organizations where Dr. Gil Tepper serves as the director. The charitable foundation’s goal is to assist patients who suffer from a spine disorder but lack the finances for treatment. With the help of the Saban Clinic and Venice Family Clinic, LAFS identifies patients who meet specific criteria for acceptance into the program. LAFS provides its care free of charge to each patient accepted into the program. Screening patients is one of the most demanding aspects of running the program. Dr. Tepper and his team strive to select patients who truly need help while avoiding people who abuse drugs or who lie about their financial status.

“If you are fortunate enough to give back to others, then you should pass on that positive energy. Then, hopefully, the people you help will pass on that positive energy to even more people. You never know when you might need help yourself, so it’s good to recycle the positive energy you have experience in your life.” — Dr. Gil Tepper’s philanthropic philosophy

Running a charity program that provides surgery free-of-charge is not always easy. In order to be successful, LAFS requires numerous individuals to come together and offer their services. Busy medical professionals must be willing to give up their time to participate in the program. Dr. Gil Tepper and his team organize the staff and acquire the necessary tools (implants, hardware, etc.) in a timely manner so that patients can receive the care that they need. While the process of organizing everything that goes into making the charity a success can be challenging, the reward of seeing an individual recover and lead a healthy life makes it all worth the effort.

Professional Overview

Dr. Gil Tepper is the director of Valley Spine Center and The Spine Institute at Miracle Mile Medical Center both of which are located in Los Angeles, California. After graduating from Chicago Medical School in 1986, Dr. Tepper chose to focus on spine career because the field was experiencing a renaissance at the time. He was excited about the new technology and methods being employed, and he wanted to participate in the field’s exciting direction. Over the course of his career, Dr. Tepper has given numerous lectures throughout the country and authored many publications. His current research focuses on reducing narcotic dependence through techniques like longer-acting anesthetics or biological solutions.